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1. Strand Pelletizing Sets

Strand Pelletizing Sets

Applied Range: reinforced plastics compounding and modification, inorganic additives loading, varieties of cable compound, parent granules, insulation cable compound, master batch, fire retardant material. 

1. Measuring Feeder 2. Measuring Feeder 3. Measuring Feeder 4. Liquid Container 5. Side Feeder 6. Twin Screw Extruder 7. Venting Outlet 8. Cool-cutting Die-head 9. Cooling Water Tank 10. Dryer 11. Storage Hopper

2. Air-cooling Pelletizing Sets

Air-cooling Pelletizing Sets

Applied Range: high loading parent granules (more than 50% additives), XLPE cross-linked screen, cable compound, PVC cable compound, sole of shoes compound, TPR elastomers of thermoplastics.

1. Measuring Feeder 2. Twin Screw Extruder 3. Venting 4. Air-cooling Pelletizer 5. Transmitting Fan 6. The First Spiral Cyclone 6. The Second Spiral Cyclone 7. Vibrating Screen

3. Water-ring Pelletizing Set

Water-ring Pelletizing Set

Applied Range: cable compounds, EVA thermoplastics, varieties of color concentrate, and plastics with low or middle loading, TPU, TPR, elastomers of thermoplastics.

1.Twin Screw Extruder 2.3.4. Measuring Feeder 5. Side Measuring Feeder 6. Venting 7. Water Ring Pelletizer 8. Hydroextractor 9. Collector 10. Transmitting Fan 11. Storage Hopper

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