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It is called fully automatic torque belling machine. It is a dedicated device which is suitable for rectangular belling of PP, PP-R.PVC and so on. It can bell J-type which meaning is torque type. The belling range isφ40-φ200mm, the voltage is AC380V; 50HZ, the unit outside dimension is the 8466×2901×2499mm, the center high is 1,100-1,200 mm, the capacity is 18 kilowatts, and the total weight is 2,500 kilograms. It both may be used with the plastic tubing production line union and may be used with the single machine. It is highly automated, and the performance is steady and reliable. It is easy to operate. The adaptability of the craft is good. The belling is smooth and round. It does not have abrasion. Its size is consistent and in good condition.

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