PPR, PERT Pipe Extrusion Machine
High Speed PP-R/PER-T Pipe Extrusion Line

High Speed PP-R/PER-T Pipe Production Line


The production line adopts the high efficiency spiral pipe extruding machine made by our company, it has the characters of high-speed extrusion and high efficient plasticization.

Barrier pattern of double poler of PPR specialized spiral pole, opened dent of machine.

Equipped with twice-diffluence new pattern mould which has the characters of low temperature and low pressure extrusion Water film calibrating sleeve is adopted, which can guarantee high speed production.

The production line can choose to load labeled extrude to produce pipe material with color labeled. It can also change model go produce PE pipe material.

PLC control system is adopted to guarantee easy operation.

Color labels can also be extruded according to customers` requirement. The line can also be used to produce PE pipes with different moulds.

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