Supply PVC Specially-shaped Profile Production Line
PVC Profile Extrusion Line

PVC Specially-shaped Profile Production Line


This line consists of extruder, shaping table, haul-off, cutter and racks. It could extrude the powder out directly to fire-proofing and water proofing profiles.

The main extruding machine adopts special-designed screw, barrel, mould. Equipped with the auxiliary machineries, it could produce the PP PE PVC Wood-Plastic products. It's a new environment-protecting product, which combines the wood powder and plastic powder at a certain percent. After the high temperature and mould extruding, the wood and plastic composites and becomes the final products.

The wood-plastic composite material has following characters: the lowest pollution, anti-acid and alkali-proof, water proof, anti-rot, non-position and non-smell, high-strength, recycling, etc. The rawmaterial of the substance adopts wasted plastics and cellulose ribbons in agriculture and wooden plants by meas of extrusion with high temperature and pressure.

It is pure environment production products of: GREEN because of recycling use after wasted.

The wood-plastic composite material meets the requirement for steel and wood-plastic. It gets a greet access to utilize solid wastes and diminishes the amount of forest cutting and pollution of wasted plastic.

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