Platen Press, Open Mill, Tri-roll Calender, Internal Mixer
Platen Press, Open Mill, Internal Mixer, Tri-roll Calender

1.  Platen Press

It is mainly used for vulcanizing parallel adhesive tape, like conveying belt, driving belt and pressing rubber products, foam, thermo-plastics and other plastic products.

2.  Open Mill

Open Mill

Mill for rubber and plastics is mainly applied for heat reefing, pressing sheet, plastics refining and mix refining and so on. The mill for plastics is applied for mix refining, plastics refining or plastic pressing of thermo-plastic.

Characteristics of Open Mill

1, The equipment has full automatic controlling system for time and temperature, which is can be operated precisely and easily. The customer can select the best for dispersion and well-proportioned effect when mix refine.
2, The mixer can be tilted. Reduced half-axis anti-leak applies dry mechanical shaft seal which is easy for washing and changing color.
3, Each mix refining time needs about 6-10 minutes and the working efficiency is two times than the trolley machine.
4, Pressurizing and airproofing mixer can protect the environment as well as assuring the quality of the mixing product.
5, The machine has the characteristics of durability, low failure rate, easy operation and maintenance, small electricity assumption.

Products Made by Open Mill

EVA foam sole, rubber sole, rubber trolley, rubber sponge, tyre, Ball, rubber band, rubber belt, rubber pipe, rubber pressing, bottle plug, oil seal, quakeproof rubber, viscosity adhesive tape, elastic, masterbatch, printing ink, electric rubber parts, rubber products for car and engine , mixing material of chemical industry.

Mechanical Characteristics

1, The machine applies pressurized mixing bath which can assure the even quality of the mixture.
2, It can automatically control the cooling water and vapour. and can set fast change for the working temperature to assure the quality and working efficiency.
3, It can be manual and automatic controlling as per the need.
4, The speed ratio of this kind of stirrer is 1/3(about 6-7 minutes) faster than the normal one, and is 2-3 times than traditional trolley machine 
5, The machine applies high efficiency motor which has a good driving power and long life span.
6, The mixing bath of this machine is made of advanced alloy steel with it's surface processed by attrition resistant steel and the plating rigid chrome has an excellent attrition assistant.

3. Tri-roll Calender

Purpose and Characteristics:

It is applied for all kinds of painting, printing ink, plastic, food and so on. And it is especially applied for grinding the products which require high viscosity and perfect pellets. The roller is mould by cool rigid alloy cast iron, so it has a tight condition, high intention, and high rigidity and abrasive resistant on the surface, and has the cooling system.

This machine reaches grinding and dispersion effect by rotating handwheel to adjust the clearance of the three rollers and extrusion among the surface of the rollers, and the friction at different speed at the level direction.

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