Rubber Compound Extruder

Purpose: The machine is specially designed for extruding single color, double color or triple color strand, which is used for post-cure rubber shoes.

Features: The machine is composed of several extruders. It is arranged as T shape with one set of Φ60 extruder, two sets of Φ30 extruders.

Different rubber materials are extruded separately by three extruders and then compound to shape strand. The strand is embossed, cooled, length-fixed and cut in auxiliaries and at last conveyed by conveyor belting. Extruder and auxiliary can be stepless speed regulated to be fit for all kinds of length.

Technical Parameters

A. Extruder

main screw diameter: 60mm
driven power: 5.5KW  output: 6-60kg/h
sub screw diameter: 30mm
driven power: 1.5KW  output:1-7kg/h
composition die: width of strand(max) 52mm
B. Auxiliary

hauler – emboss structure
hauler speed: 12-32 m/min
motor power: 0.75kw                 
cut – convey structure
convey speed: 12-35m/min
motor power: 0.75kw

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