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 Sheet Extrusion
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1. PP, PE, HIPS, PET, EVA Single Layer, Multi-layer Composition Sheet Producing Line

It has the merits of strong intensity, high temperature resistance, good anti-corrosion. With the function of filling, intensifying, softening, rigidity, retardant, modification, surface embossing and blasting, it can be applied in product package, food package, stationery, printing, gifts and art works. The main products are gift bag, advertisement fan, lamp cover, mouse pad, food containers.

Processing Range: thickness 0.2-2mm, width: 600-1800mm

2. PP, PE Thick Sheet


Impact resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, without toxin and smell, glide and perfect surface, low density and light weight, easy for processing, stable dimension, rigidity, heat resistance. No toxic gas during welding.

Applications: Breadboard and metal treatment cylinder, breadboard wet process equipment, waste gas discharging system, waste water and other environment protection equipment, semiconductor equipment. It could also fill, retard, modify, emboss and blast.

Process Range: thickness 1-30mm, width less than 3000mm



1. Light transmission: good light transmission, degradation resistant
2. Shock resistance: 250 -300 times stronger than common glass
3. Retardant: national GB8624-97, B1 grade retardant, without toxic gas and spark
4. Weather resistance: surface UV extruder treatment, without the damage of vitalight
5. Tmperature resistance: PC sheet not be impacted between-40℃ and +120℃, with stable physic characteristics
6. Portable: easy for moving, assemble, could be could bend directly and good heating performance
7. Soundproofing: good sound isolation.

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